TRANSFORMA Theatre, Inc.

Science. Consciousness. Ritual

Transforma Theatre Inc. is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) Corp dedicated to creating interactive theatre experiences at the convergence of science, consciousness and ritual.

Do you live in the gut of YouTube and Ted? Are you a junkie of cognitive orgasms? Do you wonder and amaze as aspects of science fiction are becoming reality? Join us at​ our theatre where performances are paired with live scientific demonstrations right in front of you and we create new realities with immersive high tech including you as a participant! We are here to blow your mind and create unique ecstatic group experiences.

Who are we?

Transforma Theatre is a center where art tackles how scientific ideas and metaphysical knowledge about consciousness overlap. We explore the nature of existence and consciousness through science and shamanic rituals and express them through the creation of multimedia performances. We are pioneering a new form of theatrical expression and developing a close community of artists and scientists instilled with the freedom of thinking and creating in alternative ways. We engage in practices such as yoga, mindfulness, meditation, ceremonies and shamanic journeying and live one with nature to elevate our perception and knowledge about humans, universe and how it all works.

Why are we here?

Our way of living, communicating, and computing has changed drastically in the last decade with possibilities to transform one’s brain and modify our senses. Our goal is to align forms of theater with current scientific research in neuroscience, artificial intelligence, epigenetics, and communicate this knowledge of technological possibilities to our audiences in a new pioneering way of storytelling.

We are seeking to expand the understanding of consciousness and share this enlightenment through art.

TRANSFORMA Theatre's Spring Gala

Transforma's GALA at the cell was a tremendous success! THANK YOU ALL for coming and playing with us! It was unforgettable! We greatly appreciate your support and are off to a good start. However, we still have a long way to go to reach our goal of $50,000 for a 4 week Off Broadway run of The Female Role Model Project at New York's prime art and technology hub: 3LD (Three Legged Dog)! We will employ over 14 unique artists and scientists to marry the most fascinating facets of science and art and to explore how our role models influence our mind, brain, personality, and behavior. If you liked what you saw and enjoyed the experience, then please share this with anyone you think may be interested.
You can show us how much you loved Transforma Theatre's mission, excerpts of The Female Role Model Project that connect neuroscience with interactive theatre, Barnaby Ruhe's legendary hot'n'fast portraits, Three Bad Pennies swing band and Il Falco's Italian dinner by a tax deductable donation.

Take a look at 3LD's Artistic Reel for examples of their past performances:

"3-Legged Dog (3LD) stands out in the world of experimental performance by virtue of its technical and artistic rigor, as well as its commitment to breaking boundaries. Whether the product of resident or associate artists, a performance at 3LD will immerse the viewer, demonstrate a mastery of craft, and arise out of a thoughtful aesthetic process."

To support this endeavor, tax deductible donations can be made through Eventbrite by clicking on tickets and using the donation option or via PayPal direct link or to Any contribution is greatly appreciated and all donors will be acknowledged in both the print and online materials created for the project. Thank you for your consideration and together we can change the world one show at a time.

With appreciation,
Transforma Theatre Inc. Directors:
Tjaša, Jacob and Natalie

The Female Role Model Project Press Kit